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BFA THESIS FILM: postpartum

Over the course of about nine months, I completed my BFA degree film, postpartum.  I worked through a series of visual and audio experiments from start to finish.  Unsure of where this piece would take me, I hoped to answer every "what if..." I could meet along the way. 

early germs of ideas:

initial test shots

initial test shots

I initially gravitated toward the manifestations of individual vulnerability to influence my visual and thematic choices. Through controlled means of expression (i.e. lighting, material and camera), I was interested in understanding an experience that I perceive as involuntary at the root.  I shot several motion tests of the mother puppet figure, focusing on one exaggerated body movement or material manipulation at a time.  After a particular conversation, I was thinking about the inherent physical vulnerability that newborn babies possess, and how that is more "normalized" than the mother's physical and emotional discomfort and trials throughout, and after a pregnancy.  Going forward, I directed my film to the first moments of the relationship that is formed between a mother and newborn, occupying both psychological and physical space during and after birth.

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