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And You See Me

The collective Body Shift, and the Austin VA Dance Troupe ask the questions, who can be a dancer and what can dance look like?  A portrait of the mixed-ability improvisational dance community in Austin, TX.

Official Selection Screenings: 

Fayetteville Film Festival 2020

Essex DocFest 2020

Fuselage Dance Film Festival 2020

Moving Body Festival 2020, received Encouragement Award

International Portrait Film Festival 2020

Together! 2020 Disability Film Festival

Contact Dance International Film Festival 2021, received Outstanding Documentary Award

Opine Dance Film Festival 2021

Oak Cliff Film Festival 2021

Rogue Dancer FilmFest 2021

The Corpus Christi Film Festival 2021

Brazosport Arts and Media Festival 2021

Body Positive Film Festival 2021


A material and spatial exploration of the immediate relationship between a mother and newborn.  

Official Selection Screenings: 


Bucheon International Animation Festival, 2016

22nd Caminhos Film Festival, Portugal, 2016

Ajayu International Animated Film Festival, 2016

Crossing the Screen, Eastbourne UK, 2016

Experimental Superstars, Serbia 2016

Miami Independent Film Festival, 2016

Boston Short Film Festival, 2016

Under the Underground, Cambridge, 2016

Third Culture Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2017

Athens Animfest, 2017

VI Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival, 2017


Nexus is a collaborative full-dome production piece, originally designed for a 50 ft dome theater space.  Over the course of four months, I worked with three other studio-mates to complete the piece.  I was responsible for the videography and editing.  


Premiered at the Charles Hayden Planetarium, Boston Museum of Science, 2015.

Currently touring international dome spaces, official screenings and more info here:


Wallpaper Apathy is a short response to the sound poetry piece of the same name by the duo Onophon.  


Official Screenings: 


World Festival of Animated Film, Varna, Bulgaria, 2016

Brand New Blinkers, London, UK 2016 

Coolidge FIlm Collective, Boston, MA 2015

Under the Underground, Cambridge, MA 2015


50 Plates is a process-driven experiment shot on 16mm HiCon film, re-shot digitally with a macro lens.  Each loop in the piece is sourced from found imagery of a paperback book.



Bee a Team! is an educational video about bees for kids, describing the communal nature of honeybee colonies.  I fabricated three different bee puppets, and the hive they live in.

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